Our Goal is to use data analytics to help brokers quickly find the best tenants to fill their vacancy.

About VoidStacker.

Commercial Retail Real Estate is a complex business, we strive to make it a bit easier with analytics, our first application is Void and local Competitive Analysis. We have over 60 years of software experience including decades of Mapping, Big Data and Cloud experience. We develop in the US and wherever we find the best talent around the globe.

We have been owners of Commercial Real Estate investment properties for over 15 years, and also perform Asset/Property Management. We have identified several areas where software can streamline tasks & processes for commercial real estate leasing brokers, and are first focused on analytics to fill vacancies faster with the best possible tenants. The goal is to reduce the duration of vacancies and fill that vacancy with a tenant who will be successful serving the local market, which translates directly into increased revenue.

Create a Void Report in less than 1 minute - Steps:

1. Specify the Address and Void Radius to analyze what retailers are there now

2. Choose categories or retailers that are missing, or underrepresented

3. Set a larger Trade area to identify potential tenants

4. View retailer's contact info and track interest level

Contact VoidStacker

30 Chapel Cove Dr.

San Rafael, CA 94901

Phone: 415-827-5100, Fax: 415-472-3839

Use the Login/Join button to try the app, 1st use is FREE, or drop us a line below:


Where do you get your data?

We aggregate data from multiple sources to ensure we have as complete data as possible, currently over 5 Million retailers and office tenants. Our sources include Google, white page business listings, new USPS delivery addresses and utility connections to ensure as complete and up to date data as possible.

How many reports can I create?

Your monthly or annual subscription allows for unlimited Void and Competitor Reports as long as your subscription is active. We have found that brokers should add their expertise and fine tune categories(it may be OK to have a Starbucks on every corner, but 1 bookstore every 5 mi is full saturation), so your use is unlimited to develop the best and most useful reports.

What if I want a license for other brokers in my office or company?

We have aggressive multi-user office or company discounts, please click "Click here to chat" or email us at sales@voidstacker.com with the number of brokers you have for discounted pricing.

What if I find what I think is an error in the data?

Nobody has perfect data, but we will verify and correct any issues within 30 days, our goal is to have the best data possible. Submit via whatever method is easiest for you: either "Click here to chat" or email us at david.nevin@voidstacker.com

Why is the contact Info for some retailer locations not available?

Retailer contact info is being aggregated, we get that data from phone book business listings. We make the data we have available to you, and it will improve over time. Those fields are editable so you can add your own info for your reports. We will not share the data you correct with other users, that's proprietary to you.

Can I share my login/PW with others to use?

Only if you want to give them control of your account. You will only be able to login from 1 device at a time, so if they login, they will log you out. Really the answer is No.

I like the contact info for potential retailers, but how about email addresses?

We have found out that email addresses of retailers would cost significantly more to license, so we would have to offer it as a premium service. If you are willing to pay more for email addresses, please send us an email and let us know how much it's worth to you, and we'll be happy to add them.


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